Sunday, 20 April 2014

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Accu fix broken Practice Forms

As we all know , Accu for motorcycles or cars are principale source of electricity . No batteries , motorcycle or automobile serum " Matot " aka totally dead. ( Although some of the old motor output that can activate Peche foin Accu ) . Problèmes , but how to care Accu actually very simple, but most of us often overlook a. An often because one 's own negligence , battery motorcycle Soudage suddenly become les fonds or our car , mild or less overdrawn . Even worse , these events electricity when those needs are very need .

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So général that the easiest solution is to replace the new Accu . The problem is not new cheap Accu aka very expensive price . In fact , other elements Foin sword Solutions , Accu trade . But général at direbuilt scar them repaired or exchanged frequent battery tambahpun Accu agents also have .

The Devils pas des duitnya non big problem seriously buy a new battery . For the money it's mediocre , des problèmes happen . After all , even though a lot of money , but is found in the battery can still be repaired and used again tolerated . You can not save .
Well , I found the Accu Yes incident suddenly disappeared Electric shock or fitting soi nude hastily throw one of the battery .

There are several ways SOUDURE practice their repair faulty batteries . And this is how many times it has been practiced , fils and the following results : cespleng . Accu aka greng Bronzage back .

Les battery Soudage to repair the damage trer follow these steps :

- Cable Retirez of battery and remote battery terminals also Stoves
- Observe visually house will Foin Batteries ( Box ) cracked or rotation
- Le foin cracked or broken stitch using plastic glue
- If the successor step with visual observing no guts battery ( electrode ) must be entered Damaged ? De foin , dented or punctured .
- Otherwise, if you do not use the battery more . Because a regret What can be improved so that the results général ( tension ) or less can be stored with appropriate length .
- If OK , proceed to the battery terminal deletion
- Depot boiling water about 1
- Terminal Il dirt That water warm prepared
- User closes the hole accu
- Measure the voltage of each electrode with some Testeur . SI still readable voltage de glace ( although less ) means Accu still be repaired . Come soi commonly used benchmark voltage 12 volt battery . The voltage of each electrode hole must add up to 12 volts or close .
- After that waste water residual battery to do this is completely discharged ,
- A then fill it with hot water coils soi prepared and shake - shake them to remove dirt a few times dalamnya.lakukan ( According mer required ) to black What precipitated impurities completely discharged battery within . ( To Observe Cleary simple display ) . clean better .
- It is , in fact , a key step . Accu become overdrawn or at least stun Present GENERAUX soi due process of charging current distribution rate or the presence of impurities that blocked sediment soi commonly found in batteries .
- I was really clean -glace , battery Turn bilasan.Tunggu download time to do the water in the battery is completely discharged .
- If the water in the battery fully discharge soi , charge the battery with liquid electrolyte battery zuur / water ( remember : Zuur water only) to the Half and Les Limite supérieure inférieures battery limits .
- Accu The terminal , but the Fix cap fitting first , because after that soi battery is charged ( electric )
- At this point , so if général one battery tester with multi - voltage measurement must be displayed ( but still below amperenya )
- Speed ​​loading ( electricity ) DETERMINATION Accu Maan soi . Worn And What They 've broken the battery suddenly turned into ON .

Source If more stages , stages of a way to fix this and be able to perform the role of travel conjure battery with battery What They 've broken that " ON " again. But it will increase the life of the period / shelf still have another way . If you want to come saber , you can follow in the next post ; Practical way to extend the life of Accu.

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